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Line Item Purchasing

Allowing for individual line item accountability and offering a quick solution but typically carrying a low return.

Lot Purchasing

Moves a large volume of product quickly at one time for a return on client’s initial investment, but is typically low.



  • We arrange for the shipment of your materials to our quality-certified warehouse.
  • We record and report all sales of your company’s product in addition to the portion of your inventory remaining in our stock, and return the contracted percentage of the sales generated by your company’s materials.
  • You can view all of this information at any time, and search your inventory in stock at
  • This contractual agreement allows you full audit privileges of sales and inventory records related to your company’s products at any time.
  • Program is easily established and maintained.
  • This program secures a higher return on your inventory and investment than lot or line item purchasing options.

Recycling/Asset Recovery

  • Allows for the disposal of your electronic obsolescence in an environmentally and economically sound way.
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