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Legacy Components’ Supply Chain Strategies are tailored to meet your needs.

To simplify things, we refer to ourselves as a problem solver. That’s because for over 30 years we’ve been the ones to call to find solutions to your problems. But Legacy is so much more than that. Our team has expertise in all aspects of the distribution business, which equates to winning supply chain strategies that can be tailored for your specific goals.

Here are some of the things Legacy’s supply chain strategies do for you:

Commodity Management – Strategic sourcing and commodity strategies deliver real value to our customers. Cumulative global demand drives world class quality, cost, delivery and service levels.

Customer Sourcing – Sourcing activities aligned to specific customer needs, flexible and scalable.

New Product Introduction (NPI) – Continuity of supply to customers is a prime objective.

Operations – Delivering your parts on time, every time, from over 10,000 pre-qualified suppliers.

Vendor Reduction – We handle all supplier activities, leaving you with a single point of contact to access many vendors and part orders, saving your purchasing and accounting departments countless man hours.

Forecasting expertise – Optimise cost and product availability through analysis

Inventory optimisation – Inventory costs you, so let us manage it for you​​​​​​!

Delegated inspection – Legacy Components assumes quality assurance!